Lesson Plans/Assignments

August 23rd, 2011

August 24-26

Wednesday- First Day Attendance , Introduction to Course, About Me, Icebreaker Activity, Parent Letter

Thursday- Rules and Consequences, Classroom Procedures, My Interests…..Getting to know me

Friday- Discussion of the difference between a job and a career, What is a Career activity.

August 29th-September 2nd

Monday- Finish What is a Career Activity and Grade it

Tuesday- Begin planning stages of Entrepreneurial  Coat of Arms

Wednesday-Friday: Work on Entrepreneurial Coat of Arms


September 12th-16th

Monday: Careers are Everywhere lesson, Inventions Assignment, Homework: List of 10 careers you see around you

Tuesday: Steps in Decision Making lesson, Emotion or Logic worksheet

Wednesday: Character Education with Counselor, 4 year plans

Thrusday: Steps in the Decision making process lesson, Transform yourself handout

Friday: 16 Career Clusters lesson

September 19th-23rd

Monday- Computer Lab- Career Matchmaker survey, Learning Styles Inventory, Skills test

Tuesday- Picture Day- They will have a sub – once they finish pictures they will have an assignment out of the text book

Wednesday- 16 Career Clusters Lesson

Thursday- Begin Career Cluster Partner project

Friday- Work on Career Cluster Project

September 26th-30th

Monday- Last day to work on Career Clusters Poster in class

Tuesday: Career Clusters Poster is Due! Begin High School and Beyond Lesson

Wednesday: Finish High School and Beyond Lesson

Thursday: Organize Notebooks- Return papers

Friday: Notebook Check, Undercover Boss

October 3rd- 7th

Monday- Introduction to Aptitude Tests Unit

Tuesday & Wednesday- Aptitude Testing

Thursday- Bobilator Activity

Friday- Cool Careers if you can get them unit

October 10-14th

Monday- Reward Day

Tuesday- Screenings with Nurse Kay, High School is Career Preparation Lesson?, Complete handout in class

Wednesday- Character Education with Counselor

Thursday & Friday- Reading Charting Your Course as a class

October 17th- 21st

Monday: Continue “Charting Your Course” Lesson

Tuesday: School Selector Assignment in Career Cruising

Wednesday- Friday: College or Military Interactive Poster

November 14th- 18th

Monday & Tuesday- On Your Own: Coast to Coast Simulator

Wednesday- Character Education

Thursday & Friday- On Your Own: Coast to Coast Simulator

November 28th- December 2nd

Monday and Tuesday: Voki

Wednesday- Read Watch what you post online, Discuss how this effects college acceptance and employment, Students will identify positive and negatives of social networking

 Thursday-Read Succeed at Work pgs. 1-4, Ask students to find other things that have changed in the last 10 years, How has the world of work changed since their parents and grandparents started working.

Friday-Read Succeed at Work pg. 5, Discuss the differences and similarities in the World of Work and School, Matching Card Activity 


February 27-March 2


Monday: Discussion of the Careers Around Us; Homework: 10 Careers you see throughout the day


Tuesday: Discussion of Technology and Inventions and the way they change our society; Classwork: Inventions Assignment


Wednesday: Watch President Obama’s speech on education and write a 1 page response


Thursday: Decision Making Process; Classwork: Emotion vs. Logic Assignment


Friday: Cool Careers; Classwork: Cool Careers Assignment


March 5th- March 9th


Monday: Transform Yourself Lesson; Classwork: Transform Yourself assignment


Tuesday: Bobilator Acitivity


Wednesday: High School is Career Preparation Lesson; Classwork: Complete handout


Thursday: Evaluating My Plan Class Activity


Friday: What you Want power point; Cell Phone Discussion; Classwork: Wants and Needs handout


March 12-16th

Spring Break


March 19th- 23rd


Monday, Tuesday, Thrusday, and Friday: Glogster Interactive College Poster


Wednesday: Character Education

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